Saturday, August 18, 2012

Why I'm Getting Dready

Yesterday I finally made a decision I have been contemplating for a few years: throwing the hairbrush out. Some might ask why I would choose to stop brushing my hair? Well, it's just natural! I'm tired of fighting with my hair, attempting to stop what it naturally wants to do and tired of caring about looking how other people think I should look. The vanity is silly, when natural hair really is beautiful and everyone's looks so unique! This really is a liberating moment in my life. I needed this.

But why would I go the neglect route when I could just twist and rip, backcomb, or crochet and have "neat" looking dreads right off the bat? Well, these methods destroy your hair and the dreads tend to break and fall out. Plus a lot of the products that tend to be used in conjunction with these methods are no good. After all, part of dreading is the journey, right?

I look forward to seeing the changes in my not just my hair, but in my spirit. 



  1. wooohoooooo! good luck :D ive been dready for nearly four years now, best thing ever x

    1. That's awesome, I'd love to see a pic!! my dreads are about 3 months old and they've grown SO much.. and they're purple now =P I'll have to write a post about it and show the timeline of pics so far. i also have a YouTube channel with a few dread vids, my username is Littleveebug